Ruth Skinner






Photo-based publications, 2011-2013.

photo diary 2011-2012
2013; 220 pages, softcover, black & white prints on uncoated paper, small-run edition with colour print inserts, self-published.

Selection of personal photographs, projects, and outtakes from client-work between 2011 and 2012.

- - - -

best view
2011; 24 pages, colour photo newspaper, small-run edition, self-published.

A series of photos taken of spectators watching fireworks from bridges in Vancouver.

- - - -

Heads of Education
2011; 42 pages, colour photo on semi-gloss paper, small-run edition, self-published.

Large-format and medium-format photographic studies of schools, colleges, and and other educational buildings built in St. John's, NL during the Smallwood Era's push to modernize the province.